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21 Aug 2016

Africa Dream Safaris


Africa Dream Safaris

Many of the members of the Wide Angle Photo Club have taken a photo safari to Africa with Africa Dream Safaris.This includes the Brooks, Purcell and Ashmore families.I know that every WAPC member and all of our Internet visitors who have not been, want to go to Africa.

There is a lot of decision in making such an amazing trip work well.Where do I go?When do I go?Who do I go with?The easiest answer is to go with Africa Dream Safaris and let them take care of the details.

ADS take you to Tanzania.They specialize in Tanzania.They know the people, places and wildlife of this amazing part of Africa.So just tell them something about yourself and step back and let them create your trip of a lifetime.

They have an amazingWeb Site.Check it out and then call them Toll Free at(877) 572-3274 orEmail ADS.You will have the most amazing photographic experience of your life.

Author: Tim Brooks
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21 Aug 2016

Power of Photography® Show & Exhibit 2016 - Here and Gone!!!

Power of Photography® Show & Exhibit 2016

The 2016 Power of Photography Show & Exhibit is just around the corner.Judging is this weekend and images will be scored and categorized right after the judging.Set up for judging will be this Friday, August 5, 2016 beginning at 5 PM at ARC Gateway.

Set up for the show will be at the Pensacola Cultural Center beginning Thursday August 18that 5 PM.Set up will continue Friday morning the 19 and the show will begin Friday the 19th at 5 PM.ASchedule of Eventsis available.

Members and friends of the Wide Angle Photo Club are encouraged to help with set up for the show beginning Thursday afternoon, the 18that 5 PM. We also need volunteers during the show.If you haven't signed up yet, please contactAnn Magnumand tell her the dates and times you are available.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.


Author: Tim Brooks
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13 May 2016

WAPC and POP on WEAR for Call to Artists

     Sue Straughn - WEAR Channel 3


Tim Brooks represented the Wide Angle Photo Club on WEAR Channel 3 Dayside with Sue Straughn at 11:00 AM Thursday, May 5.  I believe there were some reruns of the spot later in the day.

In her usual amazing manner, Sue took me through questions about the Call to Artists as the channel displayed former POP winners and our URL.  Sue and WEAR have been great sponsors and supporters of the Power of Photography® Show & Exhibit for many years. 

We have had emails and increased web site traffic since the showing.  I have asked WEAR to provide us with a video of the clip.  Please send me any feedback if you saw the spot.  I may ask WEAR to have us on the week before the show.  I'm enjoying the Publicity position for POP and are looking forward to a successful show.

Author: Tim Brooks
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29 Mar 2016

Photoshop and Lightroom Lectures

We will be having a class on Friday Afternoon March 25 at 6 PM at ARC Gateway.This will be put on by members of the Wide AnglePhoto Club.Topics will be announced at the lecture but will be specific to Photoshop, Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

We will deliver the information via the projector screen and in smaller sessions via laptop or desktop screens.We will ask for a a $10 donation and this money will go to the Power of Photography®Show expenses.Please email Dick Weaver if you are attending.

Author: Tim Brooks
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29 Jan 2016

First Full Moon 2016

First Full Moon of 2016

Thanks again to Dee Horton for telling us about the full moon that was Saturday January 23, 2016.  It was the first full moon of 2016. 

This photo was taken by Chuck Johnson using his Canon 7D, a 300 mm lens at F 8 and 1/2000 second.  It was hand held.

The next full moon will be February 22, 2016 at 5:52 PM.  You can find moon rise dates and times and much more information at timeanddate.com.

Author: Tim Brooks
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