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26 Apr 2017

Wide Angle Photo Club has a New Logo

The Wide Angle Photo Club has a New Logo

The Board of Directors voted last year to develop a new logo.  The old rectangle had served it's time but it really did not represent who the club is now.  So a contest was started and your entries were accepted.  The logo of Norm Haines was accepted and is now the logo our the WAPC.

If you have a need for the WAPC logo, just E-Mail us and we will send you the best format for your use.  Let us know in your email whether the logo is for print, web or other and the size needed as we have the master vector file and can create the best image for your use.  Don't just grab the image off the site for print.  This image is only 72 dpi and will not print well.

Again, E-Mail any questions.

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26 Apr 2017

May Photo Outing - Gulf Coast Balloon Festival

WAPC May Photo Outing

The Gulf Coast Balloon Festival

The May Photo Outing will be The Gulf Coast Balloon Festival:

The Gulf Coast Balloon Festival
Foley Soccer Complex
18507 US Highway 98
Foley, AL

Download Information

We will meet one or both evenings at the Festival. This will be Friday May 5 and/or Saturday May 6, 2017. We will meet each evening in time to see Balloon Glow which is 7:00 PM. This is an amazing photo opportunity when the balloons are tethered, inflated and illuminated. This and the sunset will be ideal for photo opportunities.

There are other events during the day and evening at the festival including a frisbee dog act and live music.

Admission is free but parking ranges from free street parking (good luck) to $5 - $20 depending on whether you want to walk a mile or a few hundred feet. There is free parking at Tangier Outlet Mall with a shuttle to and from.

Questions? E-Mail Wayne

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26 Apr 2017

US Air Force Thunderbirds






Dick Weaver has learned that the Air Force Thunderbirds will be performing tomorrow, Tuesday, April 25th at Naval Air Station Pensacola. The Blues Angles will perform at 900 and the T-birds at 1300.  This will not be a formal WAPC photo shoot as it is too late to arrange the details.  But this is a great opportunity if you can make it tomorrow to NAS to see the Thunderbirds and the Blues.

I would recommending arriving early to get through security and consider using the back gate.

Don't forget to send your complaints directly to Good Time Tours about the bus cancellation or call them at (850) 476-0046.


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19 Mar 2017

Rachael Pongetti - Uncovering the Layers

Pensacola Graffiti Bridge Project

Many of us know Rachael Pongetti as a local artist and photographer by her work on the Pensacola Graffiti Bridge Project.She has brought this to us know as a book, Uncovering the Layers, which you can read about on:


You can buy the book on the site or pick up a copy with no shipping costs atOpen Books, 1040 N. Guillemard Street, Pensacola, FL . 32501.

Congratulations to Rachael for bringing the great photographic project to print to share with us all.


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17 Jan 2017

InWeekly Article on POP 2016

InWeekly Article - A POP of Culture, August 18-25, 2016

Jennifer Leigh wrote an incredible article about the Power of Photography® Show that was published in the InWeekly Arts & Entertainment section for the week of August 18-25, 2016.This was published before the show so I am slow getting it on our site.But it was well done and we need to thank Jennifer and InWeekly for the coverage.

Her article was titled A POP of Culture.You canDownload & Readit.She did a great job talking about the POP show and I know many who attended the show mentioned reading the article.

InWeekly is an amazing paper.Pick up a copy, download it in PDF format, or you can read it on-line at www.inweekly.net. They do a great job covering numerous topics about local events and entertainment.

Thank you to Jennifer and InWeekly for covering our POP Show 2016.

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